How much will it cost?

Our resident rates start at $2,000 all inclusive!. We strongly recommend that you contact our Administrator to arrange a tour and meeting to discuss your personal needs and requirements.

Is staff available 24/7?

Safety and security is foremost at Maple View Retirement Residence that is why we ensure staff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What happens if I become sick and need more care?

Maple View Retirement Residence believes in providing a holistic approach to health care that involves constant resident assessment and family involvement. Our role is to manage the realities of sickness and declining health. We invite external home care services when needed to accommodate higher care needs. However, through effective care planning, we can assist the resident and their family with the transition, if required, to Long-Term Care.

Is there a difference from a Nursing home?

Maple View Retirement Residence promotes an independent lifestyle and encourages personal development and wellness. A Nursing Home, also referred to as a Long-Term Care home, manages more complex care needs and is publicly funded through and regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Only ORCA (Ontario Retirement Communities Association) member residences are monitored to ensure they comply with industry standards. Maple View Retirement Residence is currently working toward ORCA accreditation.

Can I come and go as I please?

Your freedom is your choice. You can leave Maple View Retirement Residence at any time, whether for a stroll in the community or perhaps a vacation. We do not set any limitations. However, we are concerned with your safety and well-being and ask that you notify our staff if you plan on being away for a longer period of time.

Is Maple View Retirement Residence an accredited retirement residence?

Maple View Retirement Residence is currently working toward accreditation through the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA). Only 60% of all retirement residences in Ontario are accredited, which means once we are accredited we have met and surpassed stringent industry standards. We encourage all of our residents to become familiar with the accreditation standards and more important, what this means for your safety, security and personal care. If a residence is not ORCA accredited, it is your right to know why.

Do you have registered care staff?

Remember our commitment to you – To continuously deliver an exceptional level of care and services that exceeds residents’ expectations each and every day. This means employing registered staff that are certified through the Ontario College of Nurses.

If I need to go to a nursing home, will you help manage the transfer?

Your health is our business…from the moment you walk through our doors until the time a higher level of care is required. We will provide you with regular updates regarding the status of your care requirements; educate you and your family on the options and choices and connect you with the agency responsible for placement in a nursing home, the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). In fact, we will continue to stay in touch with you even after you have departed Maple View Retirement Residence.

Are outings a part of your events program?

Most definitely! We have regular outings as part of our activity program such as shopping excursions, Fall colour tours, boat cruises, lunch outings, fishing excursions and picnics at local parks. We have a wonderful selection of musical entertainment and an excellent yearly fundraising event called “Motorcycle Munchers”.

Can I have a private function?

It’s as simple as letting us know when you need one of our function rooms. This is just one of the many special services we provide to our residents.

Are there restrictions on when I can have visitors?

We encourage you to have visitors at any time and can even accommodate the occasional overnight guest if occupancy allows. Remember, this is your residence and we strive to meet your needs each and every day.

Do I have a place to park my vehicle?

We offer FREE parking to our residents.

Can you accommodate a special diet?

At Maple View Retirement Residence, our sumptuous meals are what set us apart. However, we also understand that your dietary choices may be limited due to health restrictions and offer alternative meal choices to accommodate you.